Weekend Reading

Random Reading: Tea ladies, flexi discs, the first banner ad, and a PSA…

Locally-sourced, farm-to-table breakfast links perfect for a Saturday morning. Enjoy.

  1. Meet the Tea Ladies (and Tea Boys) of British SoccerNY Times
    “He has little time, then, for the ‘scientists and boffins’ who have decided that tea doesn’t do active players any good, that it dehydrates them. Because of them, Lowery’s tea is no longer allowed in the dressing room. ‘But if a player wants it, they come to me.'”
  2. Forgotten audio formats: The flexi discArs Technica UK
    “Flexi discs (not ‘flexidiscs’) sold in their tens of millions during the 60s, 70s, 80s, and the early 1990s—before virtually disappearing from the face of the earth for a decade and a half. But, as befits a product based on a continuous spiral scratch, that was not quite the end…”
  3. The First-Ever Banner Ad on the WebThe Atlantic
    For you olds and/or internet historians. Being the former, I am drawn (back) to the quaintness of the this time on the internet. The ad itself; that 44% of people clicked on it; the ad agency’s realization that an ad couldn’t exist in a vacuum (they needed to build landing pages); and on and on.
  4. The Kekulé Problem: Where did language come from?Nautilus
    “So what are we saying here? That some unknown thinker sat up one night in his cave and said: Wow. One thing can be another thing. Yes. Of course that’s what we are saying. Except that he didn’t say it because there was no language for him to say it in. For the time being he had to settle for just thinking it.”
  5. Here’s How You Can Protect Your Hearing at Shows and Not Be a DumbassVice
    This is a PSA. I have tinnitus. (tl;dr – A constant ringing in the ears. It sucks, and it’s forever.) Pitchfork will never tell you it’s cool to wear earplugs, but the next best thing is Vice. And who cares what other people say is cool, right?! I mean, this is rock-n-roll!