so march on


Hello. My name is Nicholas Tolson. That’s what my wife calls me. My father, sisters, and anyone who met me before college calls me, “Josh.” The site’s URL should now be coming into focus. If you know what the other “T” stands for, I have to wonder what you’re doing reading this. You apparently already know me fairly well.

If you don’t know me, I’d like you to get to know me. I have no idea where to begin – and likely even less of an idea of where to stop – so I’ll just dive right in…

I love popcorn. I will eat just about any popped corn product, as long as it isn’t sold in a sealed bag or doesn’t require a microwave. Couple tips:

  1. It’s a no-brainer to use quality corn, but using expensive butter and fancy salt will send your popcorn experience into bliss territory.
  2. Save your paper grocery bags, and use them to butter and salt your popcorn. You can shake the bag in one hand and apply the salt and/or butter with the other, getting even distribution. I just eat the corn directly out of this bag. My wife thinks this is weird.

I love gadgets, soccer (Liverpool FC, by choice, and DC United, by geography, being my main allegiances, with Roma thrown in there because I’m married to a Roman), hiking, running, Phish, and loading the dishwasher just so.

When I’m not listening to live Phish, I listen to a ton of jazz, and occasionally classical, music using Tidal, because I’m a bit of an audiophile and can’t deal with MP3-quality sound. That said, I miss Rdio.

I am sensitive to the financial challenges of the working musician and how music streaming services exacerbate these, so I support the artists I like by seeing them live as often as I can, buying their music on vinyl, and on occasion supporting Kickstarter projects.

Work stuff… I fancy myself a polymath, which is a fancy way of saying, “jack of all trades, master of none.” I took two years off after high school, helped my dad start a retail pack and ship store, which is still in business today; went to art school in NYC; helped start and ran a marketing agency for a decade; built a corporate wellness technology company; took a year off to hike the Grand Canyon and other cool stuff like that; and worked at a vinyl record pressing plant.  Find out the details on LinkedIn.

I drink a lot of green iced tea – home-brewed decaf mint, thank you very much.

I’ve taken a few photographs over the years. I’ve posted some to Flickr and others to Instagram.

I blurt out stuff semi-regularly on Twitter.

I have one wife, two sisters, six nieces/nephews, and one cat.

I’m beginning to feel a bit self-conscious, but if you’d like any other information with which to try to steal my identify, get in touch.