February 13, 2016

Much waves. So gravity.

Science proved Albert Einstein’s theory about gravitational waves. The New Yorker published a fantastic article explaining it all. There’s something for everyone here: Contrarians: It took years to make the most sensitive instrument in history insensitive to everything that is not a gravitational wave. Literalists: “There are ten thousand other tiny things, and I really mean – Read More-

Class it up, kids.
November 22, 2013

How’s the vibe?

Arcade Fire asking audiences to “wear formal attire or costume” is genius. You could think this is a little stupid at first, and you’d be right, but superfans fans will eat it up. Not that these fans needed anything else to cement their fandom, but having a retention strategy is never a bad thing. (This, – Read More-

October 31, 2013

“I’m with the boys, and we’re having a lot of fun playing trick or treat.”

A bit of Halloween-related cultural anthropology… On WAMU’s The Big Broadcast on Sunday, they played an old Halloween-themed episode from The Jack Benny Program called, “Jack Goes Trick or Treating.” Despite the title, which matches our current day usage of the term “trick or treat,” Jack and others in the episode use the phrase differently. At about – Read More-